Japan·hakone experience the most beautiful hot spring township in Japan

hakone the most beautiful hot spring township in Japan
hakone the most beautiful hot spring township in Japan

When you come to Japan, you aren’t going to bathe in a hot spring, that’s really a pity!

Hakone in south-western Kanagawa is Japan’s famed hot spring township and health resort. This area is about 90 kilometers from Tokyo. Evidently more than four hundreds of thousands of years ago, nearby Hakone used to be the crater, now here situated at the foot of the picturesque peaks, ravine stream trickle, charming scenery. Shimmering Lake Ashinoko is the volcanic lake, the total area of the lake is 7 square kilometres, the deepest is about 45 meters, the lake water is blue and clear. The tourists take a boat trip on a sunny day, and they can see the perennially snow-covered Fuji Mountain, Fuji Mountain is mirrored in baby blue lake water. Owakudani Valley is volcanic relics for two thousand years, the white smoke from the hillside curle upward all the day, Owakudani Valley is also one of the wonderful scene of Hakone.

I have been to Japan some times, Hakone may be the most memorable place. There are hard-boiled Black Eggs in the 3000-year old volcanic hotsprings, there are the famous “the seven soup”, this is regarded as seven hot spring resorts, in addition to the “Hakone Pali” and early cloud temple, thousand waterfalls, fairy, nine dragons and other attractions. Sitting on the trolley and cable car, the tourists can watch the winding valleys and beautiful views of lakes.

Well, today let us begin our journey in Hakone.

Hakone, if the weather is fine, the tourists have a great view of Fuji Mountain.

All kinds of stores, store of goods is dazzling, let a person too many things to see, it’s all here.

Japanese seafoods are very fresh, when our companion buy, the merchant donates many seafoods and smiles at us.

Hotel Yoshiike is merely a Spa Hotel in Hakone.

We have lunch here, sitting by the window, watching the beautiful scenery out of the window and enjoying good food.

Various kinds of tasty Japanese cuisine.

We take a pirate ship excursion on Lake Ashinoko, various kinds of three-dimensional images make the visitors pleasantly surprised!

My dinner is a cup of fine rice wine, and I become intoxicated.

I like the hot springs in Hakone. Day or night, indoor or outdoor, if you have the time and good mood, you are free to go to the hot spring.

After a light rain, the light fog shrouds Mount Fuji in the distance, breathing the fresh air after the rain and enjoying Japanese breakfast is quite an experience.

Some people say autumn is a season of quiet, people will have more peace; some people say autumn is the love season, there is poetic and picturesque; and some people say autumn is a season for missing, we just don’t know it.



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