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Bangkok is regarded as the main home of Thai food, Thais process food mostly by frying, the taste is unique. Bangkok street foods are various, it is a truly dining heaven.

Fried spring rolls, pastry, grilled squids, drumsticks, kebabs, and some tempting snacks I can’t name, all kinds of tropical fruits, mouthwatering flavor. If you don’t taste these special snacks, you can not understand and appreciate the essence of Thai Food.

Crispy spring rolls.

Fried sausages.

Tempting fish balls and prawn kebabs.

Ham and meat balls.

Fried dumplings, and filled with sweet stuffing.

Coconuts are sweet and satisfy one’s thirst.

Service with a smile is deep-rooted in the hearts of Thailander.

Fried drumsticks.

It is something like pulled chicken.

Fried sesame balls.

I estimate that it is fried or cooked in flaky dough.

Those two things, a dish of fried food and a dish of steamed food, I can’t name them exactly.

The above auxiliary materials commonly used in fried rice noodle, toasted Pork Large Intestine is below.

Freshly-squeezed fruit or vegetable juices.

The multifarious souvenirs.



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