The bicycle museum and the traditional handicraft industry pavilion in Sakai


Sakai lies to the south-central Osaka, it is Osaka’s the second biggest city in area and population. since the Stone Age, the Japanese had lived in Sakai, so there is the world’s largest acreage Emperor Nintoku mausoleum;  there are many temples and shrines stemming from history, there are tea culture, artisanal knives, bicycle and other traditional industries. We spend a half day go to the traditional handicraft industry pavilion and the bicycle museum.

bicycle museum_01
bicycle museum_02

The bicycle museum in Sakai divides the history of bicycle into five eras, from the world’s oldest wooden bike to the latest Olympic bicycle and so on. In the bicycle experience area, the tourists can touch brakes, gearboxes  and so on, they will learn more structure and principle of bicycle while playing at the bicycle museum. The bicycle square in Daisen Park provide a regular opportunity of test-driving classical bicycle copies for tourists.

There is a earliest bike model at the gate of the park, tourists pose for photographs on the bike.

The earliest bike model

Bicycle derives its origin from Europe, but now China has the most bicycles. What about Japan, Japan has a handsome lead in manufacturing bicyles, many famous bicycle brands come out of Japan.

tandem bicycle_01

The old tandem bicycle is also quite interesting.

tandem bicycle_02

The bicycle may be close to the ancestor of the modern bicycle.

bicycle museum_03
bicycle museum_04

Tandem bicycle.

tandem bicycle_03

The bicycle delivering milk.

the bicycle delivering milk_01
the bicycle delivering milk_02

The elongated bicycle.

the elongated bicycle

Modern variable-speed bicycle.

modern variable-speed bicycle

Mountain bicycle.

mountain bicycle

These are famous brands bicycles.

famous brands bicycles

After visiting the bicycle museum, the children draw all kinds of bicycle paintings, the children’s paintings are beautiful.

bicycle paintings_01
bicycle paintings_02
bicycle paintings_03
bicycle paintings_04
bicycle paintings_05
bicycle paintings_06

There are a good many books about the bicycle subject in the reading room, people can look up information here.

a good many books about the bicycle subject in the reading room

Here are 50 bicycles, to witness the history of bicycle development.

 bicycle museum_05
 bicycle museum_06

The traditional handicraft industry pavilion in Sakai mainly exhibits Sakai’s handmade knife manufacturing history. Sakai account for 90 percent of Japan’s total kitchen knife output. The traditional handicraft industry pavilion shows the craftsmen’s ingenious knife world, and the tourists also will practice and experience at the scene of the exhibition.

homemade knife_01

Look at this huge scissor.

homemade knife_02

Japan’s knife has become more and more specialized, using different knives to perform different ingredients processing on a chopping board, each knife is fine made.

homemade knife_03

This is the evolution of a kind of knife.

homemade knife_04

There are some souvenirs in the pavilion, all souvenirs are exquisite.

some souvenirs

Handwork and fruit are well-known in Sakai. These really fine shapes, I am reluctant to have it.

handwork and fruit

The beautiful cloth-wallets.


The elegant handkerchiefs.



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