What is Manila in the Philippines like?


Rizal Park is a famous tourist spot in Manila, many touring parties love coming to here to take their own pictures, it’s easy to see visitors from East Asian countries and regions, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong.


The statue is José Rizal, mourned as a national hero by Filipinos, there is a carpet of green grass and blooming flowers in the garden.


The Philippines is really a very beautiful place, while there are many slums and poor people, but this wealthy group is great. Spread English throughout the Philippines, freedom of Information, People in Manila have an international outlook, they are nice and kind.


The ultimate highlight of Manila is Makati.


Manila’s shopping district is like this.


This is not Hong Kong Central district.


I am still in Makati.


Filipinos work in Hong Kong, West Asia, even around the world, their reputations are actually better, this is due to a good knowledge of English and keeping the law.


The streets and alleys in a good location.


Some relatively poor streets in Manila look something like old streets in Haikou, China. Though some broken-down among them, but it’s a truthful, full of ancient rhyme, the order is good, very clean.


A Spain cathedral, because of centuries of colonial occupation by Spain, Spain’s cultural heritage are everywhere.


The coastal scenery of the Philippines.


Sea wind is blowing, Luzon in the northern Philippines is beautiful. The famous Pagudpud seabeach at the confluence of the South China Sea and Babuyan Channel, we can feel the South China Sea really beautiful.


Paoay Church was built in 1593 as a world cultural legacy.



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