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During my recent trip to the Philippines, besides the beautiful and fascinating island landscapes, my primary concern is local delicacies. Whether into the food corridor in shopping malls or to the roadside store in the avenues and alleys, those colorful, delicious & flavor cuisine are eye opening.

When people go to Philippines, they still inevitably eat seafood. About the seafood snack, people probably see most are fried small crabs, fried squid ring and so on, these snacks are very crispy, it taste great.

Fried eggs, it is crisp outside and soft inside.

It looks like fried spring rolls at first glance, but it called lumpia in the locality. It is said that the Chinese spread the kind of food into Philippines four hundred years ago, lumpia today is one the most famous local snacks, lumpia use minced pork and preserved szechuan pickle for filling, it is wrapped into strips, and deep-fry until golden, more fragrant and crispy, usually with vinegar and garlic consumption better.

Chicken nuggets, popular in Southeast Asia.

The local snacks are comprehensive and cheap. Most of the snacks are mainly composed of meat and seafood, these flavors have the characteristics of both Chinese and Spanish.

At a roadside food stalls, a kind Philippines sister introduces us to her good food, slightly shy. a number of passersby have lunch together at such a food stall.

Various kinds of skewers, good color and taste.

The coconut leaves-wrapped meat ingredients. I have never tasted the food, so I don’t know how it taste.

A bowl of noodles, an egg, the amount is enough.

These are all vegetarian meals.

Eating fatty food, we have another bitter melon and scrambled eggs, good taste.

In the street, there are many sticky rice cakes everywhere, made with sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaves, when served with some sugar and its taste better.

The food is very popular among the locals.




The pastries are multifarious.






Multicoloured, tender and refreshing.





Peanut, a lot of creative ways to eat.


Do you dare to eat skewered chicken intestines?


The colorful wax apples look so attractive.



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