The most romantic cave hotel in Boracay of Philippines

Boracay of Philippines, the paradise island. Boracay, with its long stretches of powdery white sand and kite-surfing- and-dive-friendly coral reefs, remains the crown jewel of the Philippine Islands.

If there is a hotel, backed by the green hill, facing the ocean, opened the window, rushing toward us is the most beautiful seascape, surrounded by many straw hat-like thatched-roof cottages, and add white stone wall, I felt as if I am in a fairytale castle, Does it full of romance?

West Cove hotel is located on a cliff along the bay, at the westernmost periphery of Boracay, based on natural cave environment, it is really out of ordinary, in comparison to other hotels in Boracay.

We can enjoy free time belongs to ourselves on the beach.

They can stomach being disturbed when the girl flirts with her boyfriend.

West Cove hotel is geographically private. Far away from White beach, which is the most photographed in Boracay. Mountain forests behind. And the most important of all, all visitors entering the hotel need to purchase tickets. We’ve never heard this before.

360 degree ocean-view garden, which extends into the sea.

It looks Mediterranean.

I like to come here from time to time to enjoy a frothy brew, a pleasure to look towards.

With the refreshing sea breeze touching our face, it is also good to we have a big dinner here.

A couple are taking a boat through the hole. They should be leisure travelers from different parts of the world.

A boundless limpidity sea is before us.

In very shallow water, there are still many coral reefs, here is also perfect for snorkeling, a person who can’t swim has no fear.

When I see this man arriving on a surfboard and paddling up to me, I can’t wait to try out.

The hotel is known to Chinese and Korean tourists.

I am going to the roof terrace of the hotel to take a closer look, and as I am coming in, it is like a real taste of cavern.

The hotel room was built with the backing of the mountain, the white wall is unique in style, if you live in a cabin like this, you must be quite unique.

I pass into the open guest room and glance at, it belongs to a concise and practical style.

Romantic and seascape are really the selling points, it’s really enjoyable to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the sea on our unique terrace.

This is the scenery under the roof, which is reached by climbing the stairway. The seascape garden is quite shocking when we look down from the roof.

Here the landscape seems more beautiful than pictures of it, especially suitable for honeymoon.

At times, a yacht for island hopping passes, I estimate they come here to see the hotel. Viewing from the sea, and they see a totally different scene.

Although traffic is bad, but I make a round trip and I felt no tired, perhaps because the landscape is very beautiful along the way.

All along the way, there are the various beautiful girls and handsome men.

I walk along the beach, every time when I have no way out, I will get “there is a way out.” surprise.

Walking past a local village, I come across a pair of young man and woman sitting together, they should be puppy love.

The Virgin Mary on a rock at the edge of the sea  keeps all fishing boats safe.

Several buildings on an opposing hill is not West Cove hotel, it is another famous NAMI hotel. Where is West Cove hotel? behind the hill, very private, an ordinary person is not easy to find.



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