San Francisco: climb Lombard Street and out of breath

San Francisco is a city perched on hilltops, all the roads leading to the city are always up and down, like mountain road. Lombard Street is the most important representatives of streets in San Francisco, which is known as the most crooked in the world.

In sum, there are three unique features in Lombard Street:

First, walking is just like climbing mountains. Lombard Street road slope reach above 40 degrees, although only 300~400 metres long, but people walk the whole way from low to high, they stop several times to rest in the middle, everyone seem to climb a mountain, out of breath.

Second, driving like a exam. Lombard Street length is less than 400 metres, but there are eight hairpin turns, and every turn is basically 90 degrees, plus a slope greater than 40 degrees, many bad drivers don’t dare to drive forever.

Third, Lombard Street like a garden. There are many flower-beds filled with roses along the winding driveway, the residents living on both sides of the lane also plant trees and flowers before their own nice houses, Lombard Street is a mass of blossom, driving seem to hover among the living flowers in Lombard Street.



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