America also has the places where people can eat vegetarian diet

Since ancient times, people used to eat fish and meat on the buffet table. There is a chain store in America, which has completely changed meat-based diet custom, pure-vegetarian food! Have you ever tried?

After all, taking a pictures of other people having a meal is inelegant, I take my GIX camera and eat only vegetable.

After we walk in through the doors, we first take a vegetable dish away at the counter.

This is actually salad, I may piece vegetables together on my plate myself.

The above glass is shelter from our slobber.

Salad is rich and varied, let you can not start.

We pick up vegetable dish while waiting in line. From the above we can see that the price is $6.9.

Salad is finished, a woman is paying the bill stand in front of the desk. The cashier is standing behind the counter.

Drink are abundant at the counter.

This counter has main food: soup!

There are eight soups in the dining room, if the soup tastes good, please give each of us two soups.

The thin child can eat what he likes and gets no fatter.

The biggest-selling tools.

Eating potatoes like this.

The soup bowl shelf.

If you want to stop your child gaining weight, your child may become a vegetarian like this. After his vegetarian diet, eating ice-creams does not matter.

Do you see the foreigners sitting there? I always badly judge what the foreigners eat that make them fat?

She can’t be readily explained.

To-go boxes.

It can attract repeat customers by firmly lure their appetite.

Out from here, you can reasonably say that I’m vegetarian.



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