The alternative pig restaurant in America

For Chinese eaters, the restaurant’s name is just not a nice sound. According to the Chinese tradition’s idea, its name may have some impact on his business, an American flavor may be completely different from that of Chinese.

Generally speaking, here selling pork give priority to, which is called pig restaurant.

The outdoor eating area is just like a pigsty.

In the restaurant, moreover, is a pig world.

We sit down and order our meal, a pig’s head appears before us.

I first not anxiously see the menu and want to take a little walk in the lobby.

The bar counter is nothing without pig.

The cash desk is dotted with pigs.

Pig is companions to local diners.

Any part of the restaurant can not leave pig’s shadow.

Serving on the dishes! Try fried pork chop, not vulgar flavor, total feel a trifle once acquaint with.

Eating mouth touch of, I walk to the kitchen side and have a quick look, Yo, the two pigs also are put on the oven.

Walking around, I look around to see, all of them are the interesting pigs.



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