The winter 5-star food: Hokkaido crab feast

Hokkaido is a place full of charms, all kinds of food so delicious that I eat my fill except the beauty feasts my eyes. There’s no reason to eat crab in Hokkaido. From every November to the following March, all this time is the best season for eating crab. The ways of eating crab are varied and numerous. Beside crabmeat sushi and sashimi, Grilled crab, Crab tempura, Crab porridge, Crab hot pot, Crab meat steamed rice also are crab dishes. The most classic dish is steamed king crab legs. Hokkaido has the four king crabs, including king crabs, matsuba crab , mitten crab, hanasaki crab. King crab is listed first in Hokkaido four king crabs, very fresh and sweet tasting, thick and fleshy, is better known for its delicious, apply to sashimi, hot pot, charcoal. We cook king crab in large pots and then tear at king crab with our hands, so eat up!

Mitten crab, its size is comparatively small with that of king crab. Mitten crab have less meat, but its meat is so tender and juicy. Mitten crab is triumph of its thick crab paste.

Matsuba crab legs, its meat delicate, slightly sweet flavour and crab flavour. When we eat these raw or uncooked, generally should first put it into cold water for about 5 minutes, then we open matsuba crab legs, inside is thin strips of crabmeat, like shining pine needle, it is easy to eat. This is supposed to be the origin of the name of Matsuba crab.

Crabmeat salad, the feeling in the mouth is pure, it does not have that fishy aftertaste and greasy feeling.

Steamed egg with Matsuba crab meat is silky, Matsuba crab flavor is slightly faint taste.

The crab’s shell is roasted on the stove, a fragrant smell of crab waft.

Crab tempura serves with dipping sauce made with soy sauce and grated radish, when I’m eating. Fresh and tender, fragrant but not too greasy.

Crabmeat rice stew is done after I eat the above crabs.

The big guy is photographed in an aquatic products store.

King crab’s price ranges from RMB 500 yuan to RMB 700 yuan according to the size of king crab.

Hokkaido, surrounded by the sea, its seafood have long enjoyed a good reputation. Sushi is made with a combination of shellfish, raw fish, vegetables, and seasoned rice. Traditional Hokkaido style Sushi is the most delicious in Japan.

Sweet shrimp, shellfish in the arctic, sea urchin is the love of sushi.

Fresh shrimps Miso soup.

Fish roe rice.

Mashu pork rice. Near Mashu station, it is very tasty.

If you have no time to eat in the store, you can buy a lunch box and eat after boarding the train.

Hokkaido stretched noodles is famous for its thick soup and adequate amount. The stretched noodles, called beneficence of nature, is the most famous stretched noodle in eastern Hokkaido, made of a variety of fresh vegetables as raw material, as produced in Hokkaido.

Fried pork chops rice.

Eggs bathed in the hot spring.



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