【Thailand】 Pattaya has only the beauty of purity and freshness and no ladyboy, no alcoholic

Pattaya Bay_01

I am glad to be back in Thailand after a lapse of 5 years, Thailand keeps me addicted, I am still preoccupied with it after my return.


It takes two hour to fly from Kunming to Bangkok.

After the flight lands, I step out of the aircraft, I feel a hot wind blowing, with its familiar scents. I get through the customs and claim my baggage, I buy some food at the airport and go directly to Pattaya.

At last I will meet the captivating seaside city again.


I go to a city, I climb up to the top of the whole city, from whence I look about on all sides, it has become my habit on the journey. I always think that enjoying the scenery of the whole city is to have the city.

So is Pattaya, the small hill is not high at all, I climb up to the top of the small hill in about twenty minutes. There is a red Radio and Television Tower on the hill, in addition, at the top of the hill stands a tiny temple, which stood in flowering shrubs, there are many bronze Buddhas and the best wishes for their parents or reletives or friends in the Buddhist followers’s hearts. Of course, there are many tourists from all over the world.

Here is almost a prime destination for tourists, who come for the beautiful and spectacular Pattaya Bay.

Pattaya Bay_01
Pattaya Bay_02

My whole body is wet with sweat then is dry after exposure to the breeze. I follow a tour group down the hill, we march down the main road towards the seaside, then go straight on, Pattaya Walking Street is at the end.

In the daytime Pattaya Walking Street is the starting point of the coastal Avenue, on either side of the street, shops, restaurants next to one. Shopping and dining or seashore leisure, nearly all Thai villa resorts are concentrated on both sides of the street.

Here is also the most popular beach for the tourists in the world. People take part in beach revelry, snorkeling or swimming, and sit on the ground under the coconut trees, the time of Pattaya is free and casual.

Pattaya pedestrian street_01
Pattaya pedestrian street_02

After nightfall, Pattaya starts to fade the serenity of the daytime, and reveal to us her wild and unrestrained side. The pedestrianized street in the daytime is already the scene of debauchery, swarmed the heads of men and women, the wine tastes and music that spreads everywhere in the air.

The night life in Pattaya is only beginning.

The empty street in the daytime is filled with people at the moment, the din of music, chatter and clinking glasses is continuing around. We follow the surging crowd, keep on moving, only breaking off occasionally to press the shutter release on the camera.

The noisy night like this isn’t suited to me, but personally I’d prefer to record the wonderful moments of another world.

Pattaya pedestrian street_03
Pattaya pedestrian street_04
Pattaya pedestrian street_05
Pattaya pedestrian street_06

We walk down this street to its end and arrive at Pattaya Bay.

When the night approaches, streetlamps begin to light, Pattaya Bay comes out looking differently on the other end.

People gather at the pedestrian street, the seaside at night is extraordinarily quiet. Faraway ships and tall buildings, colour neon lights are flashing, waterfront scenery beautiful.

The cool sea breeze blowing through, I sit by the sea for a while. There are no sounds other than the soft murmur of the waves rolling on the beach, the spoondrift looks softer, that is exactly what I want, I take photos of the quiet sea.

Pattaya Bay_03
Pattaya Bay_04

In Thailand, how could I enjoy the fun in the water. I find Ramayana Water Park,  it is a favourite afternoon of my visit to Pattaya.

Ramayana Water Park is a mere thirty-minute drive from the centre of Pattaya. All the way forward, we gradually move away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we go with mountains and beautiful fields. More and more open field of vision, the air becomes more delightfully fresh, I am a little puzzled, where does Ramayana Water Park, ranking No. 1 in Thailand and No. 3 Asia hide?

The car stop suddenly, Ramayana Water Park appears in sight.

Ramayana and Mahabharata are Indian two big epics. We don’t even go inside Ramayana Water Park, we can feel that a tinge of historical crossing breath is walking towards us. The crumbling wall, the mythological figures carrying dharma-vessels, can’t help letting me some excited and I am to embark on adventure with Rama.

Ramayana Water Park_01
Ramayana Water Park_02
Ramayana Water Park_03
Ramayana Water Park_04

Ramayana Water Park, with twenty glide paths, divides into four adult areas and two children’s areas, and the biggest wave pool and the whitewater rafting in Thailand. Whether a couple travel with children or the lovers travel together, it makes everyone have fun.

I stay a long time in the park. On this side of the park, covered with green trees and colorful flowers, the tourists drift down wooded canals, they can enjoy the brilliant sunshine and marvelous scenery, on the other side, water splashed everywhere, screaming again and again, and in the distance I can see people descending nearby high place, the whitewater rafting is so tense and stimulating, I get really nervous and I can hardly speak as I stand by and watch.

Ramayana Water Park_09
Ramayana Water Park_10
Ramayana Water Park_05
Ramayana Water Park_06
Ramayana Water Park_07
Ramayana Water Park_08

To Thailand, where natural and ultimately, to taste the local cuisine. Pattaya food attracts diners from all over the world for its various types, fragrance, pleasant tastes and reasonable nutrition composition.

My friends who have been in Thailand for many years say they often drive their car to come over and have a meal in Pattaya, after dinner, they make the journey back. First, the living costs in Pattaya are lower than in Bangkok, second, clean air and fresh food material. Though counting in roundtripping gasoline costs, all expenses already exceed vegetable prices, Pattaya keeps them addicted, also, as I watch their satisfied smiles, anything was worth it.

My favorite foods are Thai food that are a strong spicy fresh flavor, especially the foods that use fresh local ingredients, normally served with a green coconut or a cup of aromatic Thai milk tea, I feel that I eat the whole summer.



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