Look at those handsome American and European guys rock climbing in the Railay Peninsula


Railay Beach is located in Railay Peninsula, which is a quiet and fascinating tropical beach. To go to Railay Beach, at present land routes are unable to reach, accessible only by cruise ship. The tourists board a ship from Phi Phi Island, still have to take more than one hour to reach there. I suddenly find myself in something like the western world the moment I board a ship, because the tourists are almost exclusively American-European young men except for Thailand sailors and sporadic Thailand visitors in the boat. Thus it can be seen that Railay Peninsula is deeply loved by American-European young tourists, Railay Peninsula has become the seaside destination of choice for most American-European young men.


In Railay Peninsula, because the transportation is poor, there aren’t many team tourists here, only some adventruous of young people. The island has three beautiful beaches. Railay Peninsula is a peaceful respite from the city, the scenery is very beautiful. The deep blue sea water, spotlessly white sandy beaches, balmy weather, enthusiastic Thai services, it really lets the tourists forget to return. In addition to enjoying high-quality sandy beachs and sea water, rock climbing is a favorite sport event to the tourists, a lot of American-European young rock climbers are attracted to take up the challenge each day.


Walking on the cliffs, challenge themselves and the nature.


This time, only the brave finally a taste of the “infinite beautiful landscape in the perilous peak” feeling.


Rock climbers leap over rooftops, walk up walls.


Challenging beginnings, rock climbers clamber up fearlessly.


She must be another woman hero.


When they succeed in challenging they will get great pleasure and become very happy.


Enjoy sunshine and movement of the good, can let them get significant relaxation.


Conquering the steep cliffs become rock climbers’s goal.


Railay Peninsula, where the landscape is beautiful with green mountains and water.



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