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Quest unique rent wife culture


Rent books, rent a disc, rent a pet, rent a car, rent home … In addition to the people basically nothing can not be rented in my dictionary. I has no idea that Phuket island give me a big surprise, you are able to rent a “wife” here. The world is too wonderful, I am to blame for lacking knowledge and experience.

“Rent wife” is very common in Thailand, many foreigners arriving on Thailand will find the pretty local black girl in their minds as a temporary wife, the girls are also called “black pearls.”

Most of temporary “wife” are very young girls. The girl not only fulfill in her obligations as a wife, but also moonlight as a tourist guide. A foreigner provide all expenses such as accommodation, food, drink, play, music and so on.

These girl’s family are not rich. These girl have no alternative but to work their way up. They study english and learn how to flatter a man, particularly the old man. Each girl learn to deal with among a few men so as to seek a “husband” who want to take her as a wife.

Some foreigners are very fond of local “wives”, they live with their “hire wife” for several months every year. Some foreigners supply their “rent wife” with some living expenses every month, even after returning home. even for them to buy a house, buy a car, give birth to and raise children in Thailand.

As a “rent wife”, If the girl is lucky enough, her “husband” would change her from “rent wife” to wife and take her to go abroad for a rich life.

These young girls are really not easy, they calmly accept the repeated “marriage”and parting, I don’t know how much joy and happiness still exist behind their big sunny smiles.

Originally temporary marriage contract base on the interest relationship can also breed love, perhaps this is the unique reason for the “rent wife” culture existence.

Phi Phi Island in Thailand, the allure of a tropical-themed beautiful scenery

Phi Phi Island is about 20 kilometers south of Phuket Island, Phi Phi Island is made up of four small islands, it was designated a National Park in 1983. It is a place that sunshine lighten, soft and white sandbeach, still and blue seawater, the natural caves as if placed by an act of God, and unpolluted natural landscape, which make it stand out from thirty islands surrounding Phuket Island, it becomes a really hot vacationland in recent years.

There are many hotels, taprooms, diving schools, etc in Phi Phi Don Island, perfect service facilities, it becomes a commercial and tourist center of Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Don island is shaped like a dumbbell, the ends of the island are green hills, the middle of the island is the intersection of two half-moon shaped bays.

Ao Lo Dalum: the blue sky, the clear green seawater, delicacy sand beach, their ultimate goal is to find a relaxing chair on the beach facing the ocean and just sit, sharing the sunshine.

The long-tailed boats for tourists.


Ao Lo Dalum is a great place to find tranquility in a hustling surrounding.

When I walk in the woods I see some brown monkeys.

There’re still many residents living on hills.

While we reach the overlook place, we can view the charming and gentle tropical scene within our sight.

From the viewing deck, we can overlook the beautiful landscape of Ao Lo Dalum.

Banyan Tree Bay or Ao Ton Sai in the local language is the only wharf in Phi Phi Island, so from different places ships stay here.

Enjoying such beautiful view, they’ll feel so much better!

A pier in the Banyan Tree Bay.

We get on a long tail boat headed for Phi Phi Lay Island and start half day tour, the lovely boatman sees me filming him, he shows his favorite “gesture” when facing camera.

The Banyan Tree Bay pier is usually the first stop in Phi Phi Island, so there is always busy.

Not far from the pier, the ship on the side of the mountain is used for deep diving, we have experienced it the day before, very funny.

The long tail boat goes not far, we land on a shoal, there are many lovely monkeys here.

Monkeys have petite body, but people do not agitate them unnecessarily.

Look, the young woman just want to take a picture with monkeys, she is nearly beaten by monkeys.

A brief view monkey is over, and continue to start.

Phi Phi Don island.

Phi Phi Lay Island, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliff, is still an uninhabited island today.

The long tail boat.

Maya bay is the classic attraction in Phi Phi Lay Island.

Moviegoers should remember the Hollywood film The Beach, such a dreamy island is photographed practically as background plates in Phi Phi Lay Island.

The seawater is too cleanly and really beautiful.

The underwater world is very beautiful, not to be missed.

At the end of the snorkeling trip in Phi Phi Lay Island, the ship will take us around the islands and we will choose a secure place to snorkel again. This is the mountain behind Phi Phi Lay Island.

When snorkelling ends, the ship passes by cubilose cave, after that the ship goes back to Phi Phi Don island.

On the way back we watch the sunset over the sea.

Hot girls and handsome guys gather Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Island is located in southern Thailand, which is Thailand’s largest island. Clear and blue sea water, and a great variety of creatures that live in the water, one of the best diving places is recognised across Asia. It has plenty of enticing beaches all over the island, including located in western Phuket Island, Patong Beach is well known in Thailand. Various service facilities are perfect on the beach, it has various sea activities such as swimming, sun bath, banana boat, sailboard, and yacht etc. Here is simply a tourist paradise, hot girls and handsome guys within countries gather, all kinds of bikinis create a dizzying look.

At the first sight of Patong Beach, I become fascinated by the clear blue seawater. those foreigners who like to play jump under water holding a beer.

A beautiful girl in a bikini.

There are hot girls and handsome guys, naturally, also there are many uncles and aunts, they come here and completely relax their minds and bodies, really have fun.

A handsome guy.

The blue sky and white clouds.

Bring your bath towel with you and enjoy sunbathing on the beach, if you do not take one, local people offer sling chairs and beach umbrellas, the fee is 100 baht per day, it’s already very cheap.

A suntanned local man.

Jet skis.


Beach table tennis.

Beach volleyball.

At sunset, visitors also gradually away, here will be another a scene of jollification in the night.

The sunset glow.

Streets near the beach, all sorts of bars and shops are visible all over, here is still bustling.