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Quest unique rent wife culture


Rent books, rent a disc, rent a pet, rent a car, rent home … In addition to the people basically nothing can not be rented in my dictionary. I has no idea that Phuket island give me a big surprise, you are able to rent a “wife” here. The world is too wonderful, I am to blame for lacking knowledge and experience.

“Rent wife” is very common in Thailand, many foreigners arriving on Thailand will find the pretty local black girl in their minds as a temporary wife, the girls are also called “black pearls.”

Most of temporary “wife” are very young girls. The girl not only fulfill in her obligations as a wife, but also moonlight as a tourist guide. A foreigner provide all expenses such as accommodation, food, drink, play, music and so on.

These girl’s family are not rich. These girl have no alternative but to work their way up. They study english and learn how to flatter a man, particularly the old man. Each girl learn to deal with among a few men so as to seek a “husband” who want to take her as a wife.

Some foreigners are very fond of local “wives”, they live with their “hire wife” for several months every year. Some foreigners supply their “rent wife” with some living expenses every month, even after returning home. even for them to buy a house, buy a car, give birth to and raise children in Thailand.

As a “rent wife”, If the girl is lucky enough, her “husband” would change her from “rent wife” to wife and take her to go abroad for a rich life.

These young girls are really not easy, they calmly accept the repeated “marriage”and parting, I don’t know how much joy and happiness still exist behind their big sunny smiles.

Originally temporary marriage contract base on the interest relationship can also breed love, perhaps this is the unique reason for the “rent wife” culture existence.

Overlooking the lion city on Singapore Flyer

Singapore is the country with high growth in tourism, the Singapore Flyer is one of the most dazzling landmarks of Singapore tourism.

The Singapore Flyer stands in Marina Bay, Singapore, the diameter of the ferris wheel is 150m, the total height of the ferris wheel is 165m, the Singapore Flyer is the world’s tallest observation Ferris wheel, every observation carriage is as big as a single-deck bus and can hold as many as 28 passengers, one revolution is around 28 minutes. Boarding the observation ferris wheel, I can take in the famous view of the garden-like Singapore. when the weather is fine during the day, sight distance can reach 45 km, the Indonesian island of Batam, the Indonesian island of Bintan and Malaysia Johor are firmly in our sights.  Climbing the top and watching three countries land, it can be considered one of the wonders of tourism.

Singapore Flyer is using the trapezoidal supporting structure, it is different from a common ferris wheel’s triangular supporting structure, it looks more simple and beautiful.

The design of Singapore Flyer is very user-friendly. Using extented platform to pass into the air-conditioned capsules , on both sides of the air-conditioned capsules are two proof-reading synchronization door, both sides are respectively equipped with a platform, it is convenient to the elderly and the wheelchair users enter in or leave.

With the slowly rotating ferris wheel, we witnessed a beautiful view of Singapore from a different high and angle in the sky.

Marina bay is the heart of Singapore, the mass of high-rise buildings is Singapore’s central business district, Marina bay is built on the reclaimed land, this is the pride of Singaporeans. Merlion park, Esplanade, Jinsha Grand Hotel, Museum of Art and Science…… , are built around Marina bay, showing a beautiful garden like state.

Esplanade Theatre is a unique shape, shaped like a semi-button durian, a large dome is highly irradiated by the sunlight, it has plenty of science and technology feeling.

Jinsha Grand Hotel, drawing together hotel, restaurants, shopping, leisure, entertainment places, exhibition and casino. It is in the shape of a ship through the waves, it is very eye-catching. The roof has hanging gardens and the world’s highest swimming pool.

The water stage in Marina bay, many large celebrations and performances are held here.

The famous Ritz-Carlton hotel is a luxury six-star hotel, it has been evaluated as Asia’s finest hotel and the best hotel in Singapore by the people.

The name of the ferris wheel is Singapore Flyer”. When the ferris wheel was rotated to the top, 165 metres above earth, I felt like flying. I looked out and took in the famous view of the beautiful garden city.

I looked to the south, the azure sky, the blue sea, they simply merged into one color in the Marina bay’s mouth, how breathtaking that was.

Over fifty big ships moored on the sea, the distant Batam island and Bintan island are in view.

Marina bay flower garden is the world’s largest indoor botanical garden. The two botanic greenhouse, one named flower dome, the other named cloud forest.

There also built theme park, shopping, restaurant, entertainment places under Singapore Flyer.

The color living Clark Quay night

Clarke Quay is an entertainment area along the Singapore River with lots of restaurants and bars. Actually, Clarke Quay is the largest night spot in Singapore. There is Robertson Quay in the west and Boat Quay in the east around Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay played a significant role Singapore’s shipping history during the 19th and 20th century, with goods transported by river to stored in local warehouses. These warehouses now transformed into a colourful riverside entertainment district. Home to a shopping complex and packed with restaurants, bars, nightclubs.

Clarke Quay looks very plain and ordinary during the day. At nightfall, Clarke Quay takes on a different look. Multicoloured lamplight cast light on the clean river, the river and the lights add radiance and beauty to each other, it Constitutes a beautiful night scene. Guys and Dolls jostle one another on the way, it is noisy in the bars and dining halls, the air is filled with a flashy breath.

Most notable of all are these large umbrellas in Clarke Quay, these umbrellas provide some protection from the sun and rain during the day. At night, as the multi-colored lights changes, the multi-colored lights create a dream atmosphere and set off the fascinating night view of Clarke Quay.

It is said that these umbrellas spray a very small mist and reduce the temperature under the shed in a hot climate.

Since 1987, Singapore River Cruise has preserved this facet of our city’s past, offering travellers a chance to experience modern Singapore from the back of a bumboat.

A little bar in Clarke Quay

The ad of Clarke Quay Cinema

For adventure seekers, there is also a reverse bungee jump (slingshot) located close to the Coleman Bridge.

JUMBO SEAFOOD, riverside, is very famous. Seafood is first-rate, the price is fair.

At the riverbank, full of various flavors restaurant, the most common are seafood and Malaysia fried rice.

The famous Fullerton Hotel sits at the mouth of the Singapore River.

I stroll slowly from Clarke Quay, go straight along the Singapore River till I reach Merlion park, I see the beautiful sight of the Marina Bay.