Thai Grand Palace · very luxurious imperial buildings

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Thai Grand Palace is the biggest palace of Thailand’s royal family and is a dazzling display of what is best in the architecture, decoration, sculpture and painting of Thailand. Located on the east coast of Menam River, Thai Grand Palace started to be built in 1782, these complex buildings were once home to the Thai King Rama V, and are now used for grand ceremonial purposes. Thai Grand Palace is normally open to the public, and become one of the most famous attractions in Thailand.

Thai Grand Palace_01

Thai Grand Palace complex owns a total 22 buildings, the main buildings are 4 relatively unique palaces, these palaces line up from east to west, all palaces have attached roof ridge in green tiles finish, a purple glazed tile roof, and crested cornices.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha_01

Temple of the Emerald Buddha inside the royal palace is the most sacred temple in Thailand and is where the kings of each dynasty and the royal families held birthday celebrations and coronation ceremonies.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha_02

Thai Grand Palace is like a city within a city in the fairy tale world, the city of golden armor, everywhere is a golden Buddhist building.

The statues of the patron saints_02

The Patronus in various states

Thai Grand Palace_13

The exquisite architectural masterpieces

a handsome guard

Only separated by a wall with Thai Grand Palace is the office area of the king, a handsome guard at the gate.

Chakri Maha Prasat Hall

Chakri Maha Prasat Hall constructed during the reign of Thai King Ramah v.

Thai Grand Palace_02

The towering pagodas pinnacles are exquisite carved and dazzlingly brilliant in the sunlight.

Thai Grand Palace_03

A local tour guide is introducing the public to Thai Grand Palace.

The statues of the patron saints_03

The statues of the patron saints have different expressions.

Thai Grand Palace_04
the stone statue_01

We can see lots of stone statues inside the palace, it was said that the businessmen who transported the goods from China to Thailand bought many statues in order to keep away evil spirits and subdue wind wave. These statues are of exquisite workmanship, the king of Thailand of the day who was influenced by Chinese traditional culture liked Chinese art and bought these statues, but he didn’t understand the origin of these statues, these statues kept in the palace, these stately statues together with the patron saints, undertake the task of protecting The Grand Palace.

The statues of the patron saints_04
Thai Grand Palace_05
The old fresco

The old fresco on the wall of the palace

Thai Grand Palace_06
The statues of the patron saints_05
a devout Buddhist

She is a devout Buddhist.

a bunch of flowers

Thai pray in Buddhist temples and usually use a bunch of flowers.

Thai Grand Palace_07

Foreign tourists come to visit in an endless stream every year.

The statues of the patron saints_07
Thai Grand Palace_08
Thai Grand Palace_09
Thai Grand Palace_10
the stone statue_02
the palace guard

The guard is swarthy from the sun.

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Thai Grand Palace_12


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