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A bloodcurdling and exciting crocodile bay

Crocodile bay starts my Darwin tour, first I meet such a heavy taste “get off to a good start”. “Well, gathering up all my courage, making great strides forwards, each crocodile, I’m coming!”

I’ll start with some gentle reptiles, the greater vicious hunter is yet to come.

This is bound to be an termagancy tour, various sharp and ferocious reptiles, I feel a nervous shiver without being noticed.

The atmosphere of fear is growing strongly, every direct eye contact makes my hair stand on end.

Compared with other “wild beasts”, visually the lizard is very lovely.

It is hardly to imagine that he hold the slithery lizard in the palm of his hand.

Cold-blooded green snake, ready to start wriggling, I am a dreadful coward, I don’t dare to try.

I don’t know whether it is to be regarded as this year’s most popular fashion scarf?

The kiddy is happy, the kiddy treats his plaything round his neck as a caterpillar, the childhood innocence is unbeatable.

A small crocodile in hand, they are grinning from ear to ear, who said woman can not compare with man, this shows you that they are not inferior to any man.

Sister, do you terrorize the savage beast with your proud beast?

A male and female duo fight the crocodiles and display martial prowess.

The vigorous super crocodile comes on the stage, the crocodile makes me go all weak at the knees, the sight sent a chill up my spine.

A group of young people are fond of fishing the crocodiles.

The kids swing their fishing tackle, the baits are just thrown out. The submerged or floating small crocodiles jump up suddenly, with a small whoosh, the bait disappeared, it instantly turns into a delicious lunch of Mr crocodile.

The others play the loachs, we play the crocodiles. It is really foreign flavour and domineering.

Wild saltwater crocodiles would immediately jump and scramble for their food as soon as they smell a savour of raw meat. When a goup of crocodiles struggle, the brave wins the victory.

Look! the crocodile gentleman must is a fighter aircraft in the crocodiles.

The crocodile run off with all the raw meat in its mouth, do not give the other crocodiles any residue.

Dear, watch our crocodile brothers performances, remember to praise.