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The Porsche museum

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In this modern society, many people dream of owning a his own favorite car. The Porsche museum is a place where you gallop on dreamy road.

The Porsche museum, located in Stuttgart, Germany, is one of the most spectacular car museums. When seen from afar, theme colored in white, the main architecture of the museum shows irregular polygons, filled with sense of modern times and dynamic fashion. As if Porsche company business card, this museum reveals the unique characteristics of Porsche and great self-confidence in the future. Just above the doorway that leads to the Porsche museum, the glass ceiling refracts dreamlike light and shadow, has a unique charm, and sends people endless imagination.

Interior of the Porsche museum, its 5600-square-meter exhibition hall is designed to be spiral ramps like strips of expressways and flyovers, and displays numerous Porsche classic cars. Sports cars and cars are just like the exquisite sculptures, the style of Porsche automobiles can divide into fashionable style, restore ancient ways, traditional style, and so on, all without exception are crafted and put on ambilight. This type of exhibition not only demonstrates Porsche’s history, but also shows Porsche brand’s charm and diversity, these cars are often in dazzling at the same time, stimulates the audiences’ interests and hobby.

Visit the best-selling dark beer breweries in Germany

The Germans claimed to be a lying on beer kegs nation, beer is a part of their lives, and is the Germans favorite leisure activity. They not only can drink beer during meals but also may drink beer anytime and anywhere.

There is no doubt that Germany is a world famous beer country, Germany has a history of producing wines going back to Roman times, and is the oldest wine-production region of the global, It is on this land that Germany has long history and rich beer cultural traditions.

The more beer we drink, the more stories about beer we listen, we want to find out more about it, so we make a special trip to a brewery located between Berlin and Dresden.

The brewery belongs to Kostritzer company, main production dark beer and light beer, among them, Kostritzer dark beer has become the best-selling dark beer in Germany.

Probably very few persons like us visit the brewery so that the President of the brewery himself come out and warmly greet us. He recounts the story of beer for us as he shows us around the brewery.

German dark beer, its origin can be traced back to Mingham beer which made from using less hops has been blended with a blend of three malts and hard water. Compared to the ordinary beer, these characteristics made Mingham beer more excellent both in color and flavour, giving Mingham beer a mild malt fragrance. Mingham beer was the originator of German dark beer.

About 460 years ago, Kostritzer company began to brew dark beer, the special flavor dark beer was made from fine malts and a light smell hops. Throughout the past several generations, Kostritzer dark beer stood out from numerous beer brands, and became the best selling dark beer in Germany.

Kostritzer company now has first-class production line, they make strict checks to every aspect of production, to this day, Kostritzer beer is made in the spirit of the German beer Purity Laws, it not only has a chocolate smell of malt and hops but also has soft taste and long aftertaste with appealing aroma.

Because of adopting the automated operation there were so few workers in the brewery, the huge brewery is empty, the beer crates piled high are a splendid sight.

Compared with our common light beer, dark beer has more abundant nutrition components, besides containing a certain amount of low molecular sugar and amino acid, also contains vitamin C, vitamin H, vitamin G and so on. The amino acid concentration in Kostritzer dark beer are also 3 to 4 times higher than other beers, it is high in calories, so Kostritzer dark beer has a reputation for dark milk. The newly manufactured beer has the richest, most satisfying taste.

The series of drawings on the walls shows us the most primitive and traditional beer brewing methods, now the brewing technology has also been improved a lot, but the key steps basically follow the original techniques.

We just come from a tour of the brewery, it is already very late, we eat in the company canteen, because workers are fewer, so the company canteen is relatively small.

Sausage, potatoes, sauerkraut and bread, the most homely German food, of course, and some beer.

Wuppertal: the unique suspension train in the world

Wuppertal is a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s biggest state. There are two world legacies in the city: one is the birthplace of Engels, one is the unique Wuppertaler Schwebebahn in the world. Schwebebahn is suspension train in German.

The Wuppertal suspension train was very old. More than 100 years ago, there stood a few relatively small towns in Wupper valley. Because Wupper river had been growing too narrow to navigate, so the proposal that people wanted to build a railway over the Wupper river was accepted and implemented by the city council. The suspension train tracks are made from all-steel structure, a distance of 13.3 kilometres, it is the world’s longest suspension train line. The line opened in the 1901s, along which there are twenty stops. Among them, 10 kilometers rail tracks is 12 meters above the ground, where the train goes by Wupper River, another 3.3 kilometers is 8 meters above the ground, where the train goes by Wuppertal’s streets. After it is open to traffic, this new form of urban transporation caused great sensation in Germany. The suspension train is under trial operation on 24 October 1900, even the German Kaiser — king Wilhelm II was persuaded to board the train, he became one of the first batch of passengers.

Wuppertal’s suspension train transport passengers almost without interruption for the past 100 years. For people visiting Wuppertal only paid 1.5 euros for a ticket, and boarded a train like a native, from the starting point to destination, maybe 30 minutes at most, they can not only sightsee the city on the train, they can also let themselves lead a floating addiction.