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In Bhutan, whether in towns or mountain villages, just a little attention, you would find that almost each house had the reproductive totem, the Bhutanese liked to paint or hang the phallus on the wall near the doorframe and the window, the roof, the flower pots etc. when they saw those phallus wearing colored silks and squirting seminal fluid, female visitors who came to Bhutan for the first time got red in the face and beaten fast. Nevertheless, Bhutan girls felt at ease with it, they were free from any sense of shyness.


The Bhutanese believed in Buddhism. At first I thought every family drawn the reproductive totem in order to breed like rabbits, later I known from the Bhutan tourist guide that the Bhutanese worshiped the power of the phallus. the flying phallus played a role just like a diamond pestle, it could flogged the demons and played a deterrent effect.

Bhutan girls had got used to it since they were children, they were very nature and serene in their heart.

The visitors would see those stone or wooden phallus in some temples in Bhutan.


The visitors could buy a variety of wooden phallus in some craft stores in Bhutan. If you happened to encounter a saleswoman, They could feel calm to face it without their girlish shyness.



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