The color living Clark Quay night

The Singapore River is the mother river of Singapore. The early settlers relied on the river to make a living. The reexport was a pillar of Singapore economy, the cargo unloaded from the ocean-going ships to the barges, the barges glided along the Singapore River, the cargo unloaded from the barge to the shore, the cargo stored in small and large warehouses on both sides of the Singapore River. At the time, about 75% of Singaporeans’s revenue came from the river.

With the time goes on, Singapore’s economy has succeed to make the transition to an industrial economy, Singapore once busy docks are probably time for a change. The government of Singapore worked out a ambitious beautification projects, they intented to turn the Singapore River into a tourist river. Today, the Singapore River has changed its image, the once- polluted river goes through a purification system for reuse, the preserved old buildings are renovated. The upriver Clarke Quay is transformed into a paradise for shopping, dining, and entertainment, the original sixty warehouses and stores have developed into two hundred shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

Clarke Quay looks very plain and ordinary during the day. At nightfall, Clarke Quay takes on a different look. Multicoloured lamplight cast light on the clean river, the river and the lights add radiance and beauty to each other, it Constitutes a beautiful night scene. Guys and Dolls jostle one another on the way, it is noisy in the bars and dining halls, the air is filled with a flashy breath.

Most notable of all are these large ceilings in Clarke Quay, these ceilings provide some protection from the sun and rain during the day. At night, as the multi-colored lights changes, the multi-colored lights create a dream atmosphere and set off the fascinating night view of Clarke Quay.

It is said that these ceilings spray a very small mist and reduce the temperature under the shed in a hot climate.

A little bar in Clarke Quay

The ad of Clarke Quay Cinema

If you feeling a big more exciting, four river-side steel arm pointing towards heaven allow you to experience the breathtaking bungee jumping.

JUMBO SEAFOOD, riverside, is very famous. Seafood is first-rate, the price is fair.

The riverside to the sea, full of various flavors restaurant, the most adept is seafood and Malaysia fried rice.

The famous Fullerton Hotel sits at the mouth of the Singapore River.

I stroll slowly from Clarke Quay, go straight along the Singapore River till I reach Merlion park, I see the beautiful sight of the Marina Bay.



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