Quest unique rent wife culture

Rent books, rent a disc, rent a pet, rent a car, rent home … In addition to the people basically nothing can not be rented in my dictionary. I has no idea that Phuket island give me a big surprise, you are able to rent a “wife” here. The world is too wonderful, I am to blame for lacking knowledge and experience.

“Rent wife” is very common in Thailand, many foreigners arriving on Thailand will find the pretty local black girl in their minds as a temporary wife, the girls are also called “black pearls.”

Most of temporary “wife” are very young girls. The girl not only fulfilled in her obligations as a wife, but also moonlighted as a tourist guide. A foreigner provided all expenses such as accommodation, food, drink, play, music and so on.

These girl’s family were not rich. These girl had no alternative but to work their way up. They studyed english and learned how to flatter a man, particularly the old man. Each girl learned to deal with among a few men so as to seek a “husband” who wanted to take her as a wife.

Some foreigners were very fond of local “wives”, they lived with their “hire wife” for several months every year. Some foreigners supplyed their “rent wife” with some living expenses every month, even after returning home. even for them to buy a house, buy a car, give birth to and raise children in Thailand.

As a “rent wife”, If the girl was lucky enough, her “husband” would change her from “rent wife” to wife and took her to go abroad for a rich life.

These young girls were really not easy, they calmly accepted the repeated “marriage”and parting, I didn’t know how much joy and happiness still existed behind their big sunny smiles.

Originally temporary marriage contract base on the interest relationship can also breed love, perhaps this is the unique reason for the “rent wife” culture existence.



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