Hot girls and handsome guys gather Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand


Phuket Island is located in southern Thailand, which is Thailand’s largest island. Clear and blue sea water, and a great variety of creatures that live in the water, one of the best diving places is recognised across Asia. It has plenty of enticing beaches all over the island, including located in western Phuket Island, Patong Beach is well known in Thailand. Various service facilities are perfect on the beach, it has various sea activities such as swimming, sun bath, banana boat, sailboard, and yacht etc. Here is simply a tourist paradise, hot girls and handsome guys within countries gather, all kinds of bikinis create a dizzying look.

At the first sight of Patong Beach, I become fascinated by the clear blue seawater. those foreigners who like to play jump under water holding a beer.

A beautiful girl in a bikini.

There are hot girls and handsome guys, naturally, also there are many uncles and aunts, they come here and completely relax their minds and bodies, really have fun.

A handsome guy.

The blue sky and white clouds.

Bring your bath towel with you and enjoy sunbathing on the beach, if you do not take one, local people offer sling chairs and beach umbrellas, the fee is 100 baht per day, it’s already very cheap.

A suntanned local man.

Jet skis.


Beach table tennis.

Beach volleyball.

At sunset, visitors also gradually away, here will be another a scene of jollification in the night.

The sunset glow.

Streets near the beach, all sorts of bars and shops are visible all over, here is still bustling.

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